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Be Cool And Save Fuel

"Ductless Mini Splits", were originally developed as air conditioning units, these systems can now be used as a heating device at extremely high operating efficiencies. the Mini Splits are comprised of two major components, the indoor head and the outside unit. The two units are connected by 2 small refrigerant pipes. The outside unit can have as many as 4 indoor heads. These heads are installed in different areas of the home, providing heating or cooling to each area. Some units are referred to as "Heat Pumps" the better performing system is called an "Inverter". The major difference is that the Inverter uses DC motors instead of AC motors. DC motors can be controlled more precisely to deliver higher efficiency. Inverters deliver heating and cooling by way of the refrigeration cycle. The refrigeration cycle moves heat from one area and expels to another area. Just as your Refrigerator removes heat from inside the cabinet to the outside of the cabinet.(Refrigerators do not add cold to the cabinet they actully are removing the heat). As you may have witnessed on your refrigerator a coil at the back of the unit or a blower at the bottom is expelling the heat removed from the cabinet of the refrigerator. The "Inverter" functions in a similar way, in the summer the "Inverter" removes heat from the building and expells it to the outdoors. In the winter the "Inverter" removes heat from the outside air and delivers the heat to the inside of the home.WHAT? Most of us are taken aback when we start taking about extracting heat from the outside winter air, but it is true.You can extract heat from outside air at temperatures as low as -30degrees F.

Most of our heating systems burn fuel to create heat that we then distribute throughout our living space. There are many efficiency losses with this type of heating. Inverters seem to defy the logic of physics, because for the amount energy put in you get more out. This is because we are extracting heat from one area and delivering it to another as opposed to making heat. Usually for every dollar you spend on fuel you may only get 65-90cents of heat energy. With the inverter for every dollar you spend you will get more than one dollar back in heat energy. An engineer who I work with has developed a program to calculate estimated energy savings.The program factors in current fuel consumption, electrical costs to operate the Inverter, efficiency of the old system.

We recently ran the numbers on the home, of a customer. The existing system used 750 gallons of fuel per year. We assumed 150 gallons was used for heating hot water. The estimated savings will be 45% of 600 gallons of oil @ 3.75 per gallon, that equates to over $1000.per year. My original complaint of Heat Pumps was the electrical energy costs to operate the system, but as fossil prices have skyrocketed and stability of the market, and availability is volatile, I have come to appreciate that our Electric rates are somewhat regulated and stable. Because of the recent advancements and creation of the Inverter technology I am convinced that this is a very viable consideration when choosing a new system or replacing an old one.

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We won!!

1st Place Best Plumbers On MDI

Two years in a row!

Randy Sprague is thrilled that MDI citizens voted us the best.

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BackFlow Prevention

Many of our commercial customers are aware of the Town of Bar Harbor Water Dept. mandate for the installation of testable BackFlow preventers. This action is actually required because of Federal EPA guidelines within the Clean Water Act. BackFlow preventers are an important device . . . . . . Click Here to read more.



Check Out Our New Home Monitoring Programs

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters - Your plumbing and heating specialist!

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"  It's like having your own oil-well in your backyard!"

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We are pleased to now offer

Gas Condensing Boilers


Indirect Fired Water Heaters.

I have been using their water heaters for over twenty years, and have had great success with the product.

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Videos & Slide Shows

Randy' First Viessmanns 1997 Click to Play

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Pellets - A Burning Desire To Get Off Oil

Click here to learn more about Pellet burning heating systems.

Pellet technology quietly developing

on the quiet-side of MDI..?

It's true! Some of the worlds best pellet burner technology is being brought to the U.S. market by a very forward-thinking company, right here on MDI.

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Buderus has now introduced into the USA their Blue Flame Oil Burner!

This burner has been sold worldwide since 1995 -- now the technology is available here. Randy Sprague Heating & Plumbing has been one of the first in the country certified by Buderus to sell and install this environmentally friendly, high-efficiency oil heating product. We have also been the first to install this product in the state of Maine. The G125BE Blue Flame boasts the highest efficiency rating of a non-condensing oil boiler. Please view the PDF file below for more information.

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I have been very fortunate to find and employ an excellent group of dedicated co-workers. We offer the most complete plumbing + heating services in this part of Maine from Drain Line Video Inspection Service to Heating System Emission Testing. We regularly host manufacturer representatives at our facility to keep us up to date and trained.


I have been a guest of "Viessmann" in Toronto, Canada, and at the grand opening at their new facility in  Warwick, Rhode Island, and have traveled to Germany  as a guest of "Buderus."

My association with Richard Trethewey (Of "This Old House" fame) has helped me appreciate and understand emerging heating technology.

It will become evident that our specialty is "Heating." - Our site is intended to help people make informed decisions in their choice of heating systems.

Our company has grown to meet the needs of our own customers. Our growth continues, but at a slow careful pace. We have a devoted customer base which we try to serve first before all others. We recognize that we must limit our customer base to be sure we can maintain a high level of Quality Service. Hopefully, we can someday serve you.



A Note From Randy

Dear Chamber of Commerce Members,

 I  am very pleased to extend our plumbing and heating services to members participating in the fuel buying program. We here at Randy Sprague Heating & Plumbing are very proud of the comprehensive service we offer. To those in the business of serving the tourist, we appreciate and understand the importance of responding to emergencies in a timely manner. We too, are in the business of customer service, just as it your mission to please your patrons, it is our job please our clients. We strive to offer the most professional, courteous, conscientious, technicians anywhere. Our tools, inventory of parts, and knowledge base is unrivaled -- but our greatest asset is our team of fully licensed technicians.

 We encounter our customers, and work with them during some of their most stressful moments. We try to resolve their issues quickly, without adding to the stress.

 We are not looking to displace, or replace your existing plumbing or heating contractor. We respect and appreciate long term relationships developed between businesses and the companies that serve them. We expect to develop long term relationships, and do not look to be used in emergencies only. We offer emergency service only to our regular customers. If a call is made to our office after hours, callers are referred to our 800-number, if they are an existing customer, the live operator then takes their information and pages one of our technicians on call.

 It is very difficult for anyone to leave their comfort zone, and make a change to another service provider. We want to make it an easy change for anyone. It is important that we instill the confidence in our future customers, that we will be able to offer them the best service they have ever experienced.

 Please establish an account today, so that we will be ready to serve you.

  I am very pleased to reestablish our membership in the Chamber. My previous experience with the group was very rewarding . It is a pleasure doing business with entrepreneurs. The enthusiasm is infectious.





P.S.  We do have licensed Gas Techs on staff but we do not perform service on appliances, we will install them, we do however service gas fired Water Heaters, Furnaces, and Boilers.




We seek to develop long term relationships with our customers, and we value the trust they have in us.

We take responsibility for what we do and take pride in how well we perform a job.

There are three basic types of service and three basic areas of service. By keeping to this, we can focus on these six basic items to excel at all of them.

The three basic types of service are:

- Service

- Installation

- Emergency Service

The three basic areas of service are:

- Heating

- Sewage and Drain Piping

- Water Delivery

We have the knowledge, tools, and inventory available to deliver full service heating and plumbing to meet our customers needs.




Quality is an overused word. It is easily said, but not easily delivered.

We take quality seriously. Our workmanship and the products we use reflect the commitment we have to quality.

Quality does not have to mean expensive. In fact, if a product or service is of poor quality, it will cost more in the long run.

We will not cut corners to save a buck. We do look for ways to efficiently and effectively deliver results, at a reasonable price.

Since we maintain and service all the products that we sell, and take responsibility for what we do, it is very important that we don’t sell junk.

Remember Randy Sprague Heating & Plumbing, Inc. for all your service and installation needs, because we remember the meaning of quality.




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